Greening the Event

IAIAsa is committed to hosting an environmentally responsible event with the lowest environmental footprint possible. We aim to incorporate environmental sustainability considerations and practices where possible into the planning and implementation of the Conference. 
But for us to fulfil our commitment, YOUR participation in our sustainability efforts is key!

Responsibility towards reduction of environmental footprint

We have identified key areas where you can participate in our shared environmental sustainability commitment. 

Use water and energy efficiently

Water is not an infinite resource as we all know that from the recent water shortages and drought that swept across South Africa. Water is life and please use this resource sparingly. 
Energy (electricity) – remember those load shedding days? It is each of our responsibility to save electricity where we can.  


•    Always ensure that lights are switched off (both in your accommodation and conference venues) when leaving the room.
•    If the air-conditioning is on, make sure that no windows are open. 
•    When leaving your accommodation, make sure that taps are properly switched off and water is not dripping. 

Reduce your materials consumption and waste production

Small actions count. Try to reduce your paper consumption in preparation and during the Conference.  If many of us do that, at least a few dozen trees won’t have to be cut down. 
Be waste-savvy and remember about the 3R rule: reduce, reuse, recycle. It is no secret that South Africa is rapidly running out of landfill space so recycling is not an option but a must. 


•    If flying, use a boarding pass with a barcode on your phone and do not print a paper boarding pass.
•    If you have to print, print double-sided as much as possible. 
•    Recycle your waste where possible. The conference venue has excellent recycling facilities. 
•    Refill your plastic water bottle or, even better, use your glass water bottle. Water is absolutely safe to drink from the tap in Western Cape. 

Limit your environmental impact from travelling

IAIAsa Conference will welcome delegates from all parts of South Africa. Travelling to the Conference will generate negative environmental impact in terms of fuel consumption and emissions. You are encouraged to take action and aim to limit your environmental impact from travelling. 


•    If you have to fly to the conference, why not offset your emissions? You can find an emissions calculator and how to offset your emissions at Climate Care Website
•    Cooperate with other Conference Delegates and carpool to the Conference venue. 
•    If you choose to rent a car, choose a service provider with a commitment towards sustainability and a track record of green actions. 
•    Check your tyre pressure - incorrect tyre pressure results in higher fuel usage.

Responsibility towards long-lasting positive environmental change

The IAIAsa Conference team is busy organising an environmental legacy project to leave at least one community living within the project vicinity better off and make long lasting positive environmental change. Some examples of the past projects include planting of Spekboom plants and various trees in different parts of South Africa.  
We are getting very excited about such environmental community project and we will be providing you more details of the project soon.  


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