IAIAsa invites you to join us for the IAIAsa 2019 National Conference at Klein Kariba, Bela Bela, Limpopo. We hope to attract up to 300 delegates to this conference. Limpopo Province is synonymous with breath-taking bushveld and majestic Baobab trees. The town of Bela Bela, which derived its name from the geothermic hot springs around which it is built, is set in the heart of the magnificent Waterberg, presenting a beautiful backdrop for our activites and setting the perfect scene for a spectacular 2019 conference. We aim to explore the role of Integrated Environmental Management (IEM) in the economic revival of South Africa.

South Africa emerged from its first recession in almost a decade in the third quarter of 2018 (Bloomberg, December 2018) as recoveries in manufacturing and agriculture contributed to an increase in economic growth.  Focus Economics analysts expect a growth of 1.6% in 2019, unchanged from last month’s forecast, and 1.9% in 2020.  The current problems at ESKOM may have a negative impact on economic growth. Against this backdrop it is important to ask the following questions regarding IEM/EIM:

  • Has EIA run its course and now requires a fundamentally different approach or does it need to remain the bedrock of IEM/EIM?  
  • Does EIA now legitimise economic development that should never take place but is authorised simply because an EIA has been completed?  
  • If South Africa’s economic recovery is built on small business do the demands of IEM/EIM render SMME’s dead in the water often excluding economically vulnerable parties from starting businesses because they simply cannot afford the permits? 
  • Does IEM/EIM have a role to play in facing up to the complex social dynamics of urbanisation and migrant labour and ensuring the most effective delivery of services to especially the rural poor?
  • Should the urban edge be protected ecologically for the benefit of urban dwellers or does it present an area where the poor can access the benefits of urbanisation without necessarily incurring the costs of doing so? 
  • Does IEM/EIM do enough to ensure food security or is there a far greater economic return on other activities such as mining?

•    Dealing with the efficiency of EIM in a rapidly changing socio-political and economic environment.
•    Entrepreneurship, vulnerability and poverty alleviation – does EIM/IEM have a role to play? 
•    Changing Demographics and rapid urbanization
•    The implications of the urban edge on IEM
•    Constrained ecosystem services and declining resources
•    Agriculture and food security
•    Managing climate change and land degradation
•    Green urban development – is it economically viable?
•    Biodiversity and other offsets – purpose, impact and viability
•    How sustainable is economic growth based on coal or petroleum-derived products?
•    Is there a link between IEM, economic revival and social wellbeing?
•    Can South Africa be truly sustainable?
•    How can the green agenda contribute to the economic revival of South Africa?
•    What effect is the regulatory process having on SA’s economic growth? 


Some of the unique features to the IAIAsa 2019 National Conference:

•    Draft full papers will be peer-reviewed 
•    A wider variety of presentation types aimed at enhacing the quality of the conference’s content and maximising the number of delegates participating in the sessions
•    Various Conference Awards (to be announced soon!)
•    Breakfast on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are included in the conference registration price
•    Live social media feeds before and during the conference via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

One of the unique features of IAIAsa is that it provides a platform for a wide variety of professionals to advance the state of the art and science of impact assessment in applications ranging from local to global; to develop international and local capability to anticipate, and plan and manage the consequences of development.

The IAIAsa 2019 National Conference will provide a platform for any private or public sector organisation to discuss and develop integrated and sustainable environmental management, through providing lively debate, discussions on technical and management solutions, and industry excellence.


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